Academic Background              

Ph. D. Thesis: Propagation and excitation of multiple surface waves (Adviser: Akhlesh Lakhtakia)

M. Phil. Thesis: Applications of chiral media in cylindrical reflectors (Adviser: Qaisar Abbas Naqvi)

Honors, Scholarships, and Awards

  1. Early Career Achievement Award by ESM department of Penn State, 2021
  2. ICO-ICTP Gallieno Denardo Optics Award, 2019
  3. Senior Member, The Optical Society of America, 2019
  4. Senior Member, SPIE, 2018
  5. Alumni Association Dissertation Award, 2012
  6.  SPIE Optics and Photonics Student Scholarship, 2011
  7.  Sabieh & Guler Hyek Graduate Student Award, PSU, 2010
  8.  College of Engineering Fellowship, PSU, 2009
  9.  University Graduate Fellowship, PSU, 2009
  10.  Certificates of Merits in M. Sc. and M. Phil. at QAU, 2004-08